Thanksgiving Ideas

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A few ideas for your Thanksgiving Feast
(Appetizers, Salads, Sides, Desserts)


Keep your appetizers light…just a little nibble before the big feast!

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A salad can be a great addition to your Thanksgiving Menu offering a light fresh choice to compliment the traditional menu items.
Golden Beet Salad

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Side Dishes  
The sides you serve with your Thanksgiving Meal most likely will be family traditions and favorites.  Here are a few we enjoy in our  home, many are old favorites converted to Gluten Free.  My Sinfully Stuffed Stuffing is the most requested…YUM

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Ahhh, desserts…the finale….the anticipation…the drool…Yum.  Here are just a few, be sure to check out many more under the dessert section of my index.

  “Perhaps no custom reveals our character as a Nation so clearly as our celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Rooted deeply in our Judeo-Christian heritage, the practice of offering thanksgiving underscores our unshakable belief in God as the foundation of our Nation and our firm reliance upon Him from Whom all blessings flow.” 

~  President Ronald Reagan, Thanksgiving Day, 1986 ~



  1. KIM says

    OK!! Its for sure now…I’m coming to your house for Thanksgiving!!

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